Indie Spotlight Showcase – July 20th 2020

July 20th 2020 

Welcome back to the Indie Spotlight Showcase! My name is Alexander Trapp and I’ll take you through the Indie Monday twitter thread from this past Monday of July 20th 2020, where you can see the latest works of some amazing independent artists and content creators!

Let’s get this going!


Indie Spotlight 1

For today’s gaming feature we once again have Dani from DaniPlays taking on a challenging battle in Street Fighter V Champion Edition. In this video, he’s taking on the infamous Shin Akuma (or True Akuma in a chance battle! First he battled with the master of the Satsui no Hado on the Playstation 4 version of the game, before switching over to the PC to fight it out to the finish!

Click on the picture above to see the battle right now!


Indie Spotlight 2

On the content creation side of July 20th 2020, I’d like to feature The Affro Show’s in-depth review of a classic game from the Sega Saturn era; Panzer Dragoon II. Panzer Dragoon has been a series I’ve only had a passing knowledge of, but have never played because I never personally owned the console the game was released on.

So if you’re like me and you’ve only seen Panzer Dragoon and never played it, you’ll want to check out this video to gain even more knowledge about the game. And if you’re a pro who has replayed the games time and again, you’ll be pleased to relive glorious memories of the past!

Click the picture above to see the video!


Indie Spotlight 3

In today’s art section for July 20th 2020, I’d like point you in the direction of Denom’s animated series, Iron Bat. The action continues to ramp up to an exciting level as the stakes are raised! The fate of the Earth is in Iron Bat’s hands, or hand I should say. Will he have the strength to save his world from this awful alien invasion? Find out in today’s episode!

Click the picture above to see the action!


Indie Spotlight 4

For today’s final feature, I’d like promote indie game developer Kay Zaman’s Game Jam project. Have you ever wanted to play volleyball with SWORDS? Well if that thought has ever crossed your mind, you will definitely want to play the game that Kay has created. Volley Verse is available to play for free on his page. Grab a friend and swipe some volleyballs back and forth at each other to see who is the best volley swords-person!


And that’s it for the Indie Spotlight Showcase from this past week! This was just a small sampling of the content that was shown from a group of amazing creators. If you want to see the rest of what the promotion had to offer from this past week, click the link below and help to spread the word of Indie Monday by telling your friends about it! Share it with other independent creators that you know!

If you want to join the Indie Monday Promotion and Showcase the next time it’s hosted, or you just want to help spread the word of when it takes place, be sure to follow my Twitter and YouTube channels. As the name of the promotion suggests, it takes place every Monday.

I would be happy to have you there. My channel tries to focus just on the atmosphere of fun and creativity, and I try to keep things relatively drama free. We focus on the positive and help bring attention to amazing creators who are trying to have their voices be heard.

Thank you for your time. Remember, independent creators are the future of entertainment!
Alexander Trapp
It’s A Trapp! Productions

Ps. Be sure to leave a comment on the article! We here at Geek Impulse would love to hear what YOU think about these indie articles! Do you know of any other creators who should get the spotlight on their works? Comment below and tell us about it! Tell us about what you thought of today’s selection of indie creators!

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