IVE GOT A HUTCH Jupiter’s legacy Review ep3: paint the clouds with sunshine With Thrilling Rain


The third installment of this series opens with George enjoying a breakfast of a hundred boiled eggs at different temperatures. Walter and Michelle ask him to visit Sheldon. Sheldon has further lost is and is locked in his room. He tells them he will is it him after he is finished with his day.

Hutch has a Magic Stick


We are than introduced to Hutch, who is Skyfox’s son. He is with his friends Gaby and Jacinda, who are Nuetrino and Shockwave, respectively. They discuss Hutch doing a solo mission to steal a modulator. During the mission, he is caught trying to steal it and is saved when Utopia shows up and distracts the enemy. He fails this mission and is visited by the “Big Man’s” henchmen. He goes to visit him and saves himself by working out a new mission.

Hutch gets his team together for the next mission, which is to steal a briefcase from the Kulikov brothers. The team is successful and is then being chased by the two brothers. They get away, only to accidently run into Chloe. They hit her and a battle ensues in which Chloe makes lightwork of the team. Hutch leaves with his teleporter and Chloe recovers the contents of the briefcase.

After that, we get more of the Sheldon saga. George has stolen some drawings from Sheldon that he believes are clues. When he tells Sheldon his thoughts on the drawings, it causes him to go back into the visions. He sees a windmill and some glowing symbols on a large wall. Walter confronts George about causing his brother to lose grip again.

This episode ends with Hutch buying a mysterious weapon that can punch a hole in the strongest being in the world. He is confronted by the henchmen again and kills one of them. This episode is exciting. You will see the plot starting to thicken as we are introduced the part of the main story arc. Thank you for reading this and I will see you in episode four.

If you want to dive more in depth with the comics and characters you can find our comprehensive guide on Jupiter’s Legacy Here. You can find the official twitter here.

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