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Nice Oppai Day is Even Celebrated by Guys as Well

Nice Oppai Day Geek Impulse

We take a look back at the Japanese Phenomenon that is Nice Oppai Day. Even the guys take part in it. Slide Show Below.

In 2017 a tradition was started and sadly not followed through year after year by dedicating an entire day on social media to the Bobs I mean boobs we all desire to admire. We hope that this article brings awareness and interest in keeping it alive. This is not satire although there is some comedy attempt in it because we love Japan for all the different ways it impacts culture. November 8th is unofficially “nice boobs day” in Japan. This is because the number 11 looks like いい(good/nice) and the 8 is, well you know what it looks like. One explanation for this could be that when reading it 1(い) 1(い) 0(おっ)8(ぱい) resembling “oppai”, the Japanese word for boobs.

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  • Nice Oppai Day Geek Impulse
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  • Nice Oppai Day Geek Impulse

Right now in Japan, girls and guys are coming out to celebrate in droves with pictures of their chests–including Kamiya Erina, who famously tried to smash a stack of roof tiles with her G-cup breasts, and Jun Amaki, a model who might have the most famous breasts in Japan. Use the hashtag #いいおっぱいの日 to find more. A heads up, November 8 was also a busy day for cosplayers, who marked the occasion of Nice Oppai Day by posing in low-cut anime and anime-inspired outfits and we find that it is the cosplayers who really try and continue the trend even up to this year and we appreciate their commitment.


What are your thoughts on this trend/unofficial holiday? We want to hear from you. We strive to bring you Japan in a way that perhaps you haven’t seen before. Otaku loves their Oppai and this is another testament to that. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have some news you would like us to talk about be sure to click on the contact button and let us know.

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