Japan Travel Restrictions – Quarantine is reduced to 3 days, and international students and business travelers can return with Excitement.

Japan Travel Restrictions

As of writing this Japan Travel Restrictions have been updated. As part of the loosened border procedures, the daily cap on new international arrivals will be raised beginning March 1. Quarantine is reduced to three days, and international students and business travelers are allowed to return.

Japan Travel Restrictions – Everything we Know

Japan Travel Restrictions
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Japan may begin lifting its entry prohibition on foreign visitors as early as March, according to reports released earlier this week. According to The Japan Times, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed the announcement, saying that starting March 1st, Japan will open its borders to overseas students and business travelers. More information on the new border control procedures may be found in a news release posted on the Prime Minister of Japan’s and His Cabinet’s website.

The decision was made in response to mounting pressure from universities, industry leaders, and even members of the ruling party to relax admission restrictions, citing concerns about the economic and reputational consequences of prohibiting entry.

“Foreign students who can’t come to Japan are choosing other countries, which is damaging Japan’s international reputation,” said Tomohiro Yamamoto, head of the LDP’s education policy committee, at a party meeting on Monday. “There are cases in which Japanese exchange students have been turned down because of it. It affects our national interests.”

The Japan Times

Japan Travel Restrictions – Quarantine Guidelines:

  • In theory, all international entrants are still subject to a seven-day quarantine. If the person tests negative on the third day, however, self-isolation is no longer necessary.
  • Travelers from high-risk countries and regions dealing with the Omicron variety are still subject to a three-day quarantine at a government-designated facility.
  • Even if they are entering from a designated high-risk nation or region, those who have finished three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine may quarantine for three days at home instead of at a government-approved center.
  • Quarantine is completely waived for people who have received a Covid-19 booster dose and are traveling from non-designated areas.
  • It is permissible to take public transportation from the airport to the quarantine location within 24 hours following the on-arrival PCR test.

Japan Travel Restrictions – New Entry Guidelines:

  • The daily limit on foreign visitors to Japan has been raised from 3,500 to 5,000.
  • Tourists are not allowed to enter because of the updated Japan Travel Restrictions rules.
  • People who come to the country for reasons other than tourism, such as business travelers and foreign students, will be allowed entry.

According to a December NHK poll, an overwhelming 81 percent of those surveyed supported Japan’s restriction on new foreign entry. However, according to an NHK poll issued Monday, 57 percent of respondents support keeping the immigration ban in place, while 32 percent believe it should be lifted. Featured image by Diego Fernandez.

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