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Not Actual Armani Designed Uniform



Taimei Elementary School, an elite public school situated in Tokyo’s posh neighborhood of Ginza, just minutes away from fancy department stores and luxury brand shops, is suddenly in the news today. The Principal made a decision that has everyone up in arms. The Principal decided to replace the school’s existing uniforms with a new version designed by luxury Italian fashion brand Armani.


According to the Huffington Post, Principal Tokuji Wada attempted to justify the uniform change in a rambling letter to parents dated November 30, 2017.


Wada complained that “students have strayed from my image of the ideal Taimei Elementary School student.” He also added: “I want students to study at Taimei Elementary School while feeling their connection to Ginza (… but) I am afraid that this awareness is fading away (…) Ginza is changing as it heads towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is searching for the new while retaining the old. So is Taimei Elementary School (…) I decided to change the standard uniform to Armani in the hope of creating an awareness of being a Ginza school.” As an added benefit, “cultivating a visual identity is part of ‘sartorial education’ which is essential in cultivating people who are prepared for the future.”


So what was the thoughts on social?





Always thought that the school uniforms were meant to make everyone equal. I guess that has gone away in modern day. Do you think this is cool or bad for Japanese students?









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