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When it comes to Japan, science can be sexy. When it comes to folklore why not check it out in modern times to test the validity. In Japan, like most countries, its folklore is often wisdom meant to be advice for life. Checking results is not really something that is done. It has been claimed that rubbing a women’s breasts will cause them to become bigger. This is not something taught at major or simple universities in Japan.

With that being said it is insisted that this is true amongst most dudes or salarymen on the train or in the ramen bar. They insist that there is scientific evidence (based on experience) that this actually works. If this were true, than who needs plastic surgery!

On New Year’s TV special, broadcaster TV Tokyo teamed up with Japanese bikini model /race queen Nana Yasuda (pictured above) to find out what would happen if the 27-year-old Tokyo native’s breasts were rubbed 10,000 times.

It was concluded that random squeezing might be harmful to Yasuda’s breasts, and so TV Tokyo decided to enlist the help of a “breast development counselor,” who devised a multi-motion cycle that began with firmly cupping the underside of Yasuda’s breasts and transitioning to palming and rotating them. A single 10,000-rub session was also deemed too heavy a workload for the model’s chest, and so the complete experiment would take place over the course of 12 days, with Yasuda herself handling the rubbing duties.

The Japanese Bikini model claimed that at 2,000 rubs, she noticed that her previously stiff shoulders felt much better. Once she hit the half-way point at 5,000 rubs, she said “It feels like my breasts really are getting bigger,” and 1,000 later, at the 6,000-rub mark, she saidMy breasts are overflowing from my bra.”

So the results are in and this is what it says:

Once all 10,000 rubs had been administered, it was time to measure Yasuda’s chest, with the before/after being:
● Before 10,000 rubs:
Bust size (top measurement): 81 centimeters (31.9 inches)
Under-bust: 73.5 centimeters
Cup size: D
● After 10,000 rubs
Bust size: 82 centimeters
Under-bust: 68.5 centimeters
Cup size: F

So there you have it. Scientific evidence. What are your thoughts on this Experiment with the Japanese Bikini Model? Have you done this yourself and if so what were your findings? Let us know in the comments below.





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Source: Shirabee via Nico Nico News via Hachima Kiko

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