Mysteriously Over 20% Japanese Burger King Disappeared

Tokyo — A mysterious happening in Japan so far during the month of May. Japanese Burger King locations nationwide are disappearing overnight seemingly. Even on the Burger King Website, 99 of the original locations will shrink down by 22 by the end of the month bringing the total to 77.

BK Holdings Japan has yet to comment on the significance behind the Japanese Burger King closures. Perhaps Mcdonald’s is preferred amongst the two in Japan, or maybe the companies branding is not doing well. Whatever the reason is, it would seem that the scarcity might leave tourists feeling frustrated in the months to come, especially in the summer months as more and more tourists flock to Japan.

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Former Burger King Japan CEO Yasuyuki Murao poses in front of the logo at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo. © KAZUAKI NAGATA

The official website of Burger King Japan reflects on the locations over the course of this month that have been and will be closed, listed by prefecture:

Ibaraki – 3 closures

Saitama – 2 closures

Chiba – 3 closures

Tokyo – 5 closures

Kanagawa – 2 closures

Gifu – 1 closure

Kyoto – 1 closure

Osaka – 4 closures

Hyogo – 1 closure

Money Plus

During a shareholder meeting in the fiscal year of2017 it was reported that BK Holdings Japan suffered a net loss of ¥251,060,000 equivalent to $1.9M US. This is no surprise. McDonald’s faced similar speculation as they had to close stores due to performance several years ago. They have since recovered and seem to be thriving. This could be Burger King learning from its competition and looking to make a come back after some restructuring and marketing plan implementation.

It is hard to really solidify the reason as the company in Japan does not normally share financial information and happenings of the company. They have tried several campaigns over the years to captivate new and existing customers. Such things as the Pumpkin Burger and Red and Black buns and cheese.

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