So Getting These Japanese Butt Pillows Count ME In! Comfort over 2000. Hypnotic

Japanese Butt Pillows

Japanese Butt Pillows

Japanese Butt Pillows
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Yes Japanese Butt Pillows is a thing. It looks super comfy. As the display above shows, why limit yourself to the old way of doing things. It is time for an upgrade. Let us be honest here, when putting your face in a butt crack, you feel toasty and comfy. Now when my Girlfriend is not home, I can use this as a substitute. Rather than a lap pillow, a butt pillow!

Japanese Butt Pillows - Geek Impulse News Japan
© Kibidango

So it’s a bit of a surprise to find that the country’s latest huggy pillow sensation doesn’t come from Japan at all. Instead, it’s designed by an American called Jia, a self-proclaimed “fan of butts” who came up with the idea, as the story goes, he was missing his girlfriend one night and longed to place his hand on her butt as he drifted off to sleep. After a successful Kickstarter campaign saw the Buttress Pillow put into production in the U.S., Jia is now bringing the Buttress to Japan. 

The Buttress Pillow is entering the Japanese market via a crowdfunding campaign on local crowdfunding site Kibidango. Japan has spoken and they need the Buttress in their lives, as the company has already surpassed its 500,000-yen (US$4,405.50) crowdfunding goal by 259 percent, raising 1,295,650 yen ($11,413.58) in funds to put the butt pillow into production. This video shows the butt’s weight and texture.

So are you down for the Buttress? I want one. You should too. Thoughts?





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