Japanese Cop Sex Worker Caught When She Left Gun in Restroom!

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Japanese Cop Sex Worker Caught. Artist Depiction. © Pakutaso

Hyogo Prefectural Police, in a statement released on October 18th that a sergeant on their force voluntarily resigned from her position. It was discovered that she was participating in the very taboo sex industry. The call-girl service is called “delivery health” by some outlets sourced below. This is where women are sent to a location of a client’s desire.

According to the investigation, between the months of May and September 2019, the unnamed police officer worked part-time during the holidays as a sex worker. This was done during the holidays and when she finished her shift early. It is estimated that she worked about 20 shifts during this time and maid roughly ¥300,000 each time. This works out to about $2,900 USD. The 27-year-old is said to have used this money ($58,000) on luxury vacations and fancy restaurants.

The reason she was caught was due to personal error. On the night of September 29th, the officer left her belt, handcuffs and a loaded handgun in a public restroom in Aioi Station, in Aioi City. An hour and a half after the initial error, it was found by a patron who immediately turned it into the station attendants.

After several investigations into the incident, it was discovered to what extent the officer had been moonlighting. In Japan, the Local Public Service Act strictly prohibits the ability of government employees to moonlight. This makes sense as her second job, as it were, was clearly a conflict of interest. This was a violation of the “Disreputable Behavior” by a civil servant. It is known that she faced a suspension, but turned in her gun and badge the same day. This also makes sense and we are in no way advocating for this kind of work or against it, but in five months’ time, she made $58,000 USD so she was already making more than her salary and probably can double that in a full year.

Sources: Kobe Shimbun Next, Kyodo News, Hachima Kiko

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