Japanese Gamer Makes A Portable Playstation Classic

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The project took a whole month to complete. The modding project allows him to venture into a 32-bit past while on the go.

The PlayStation Classic went on sale over a month ago. This was to celebrate the original Sony System’s 24th birthday. Little did they know, a Twitter user by the name @NIWAchannel bought one immediately and had big ambitions for it. Aside from playing with the collection of bundled games, @NIWAchannel couldn’t wait to rip apart the mini retro system like some sort of mad scientist.

If you want to follow along with this Japanese Gamer on the dismantling and modding step by step (almost) then follow these next tweets.

Japan has some of the most strict ways of dealing with modded console resellers, Japanese Gamer @NIWAchannel’s PlayStation Classic Portable is strictly a personal project, and not for sale. Even with all that being said its such an awesome thing to see and I wish I had one. This is definitely a great project idea for any other techno-savvy DIY fans.

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