Japanese Maid Delivery Service Is Hype Right Now

A little less known Japanese comfort food Omurice is now taking center stage, at least in Japan. The beloved Japanese dish is getting a push thanks to a new campaign by the company Nippon Ham there is now a Japanese Maid Delivery Service. 

Omurice gets its name due to the combination of two foods. An omelette and rice. Usually the omelette is on top of the rice and is something cooked at home on a common basis. The most popular place for this dish however, is in maid cafes. In a world filled with food delivery services, this concept is one that I personally think will be the most used in Japan. 

Applications can now be submitted for  Maid Made Omurice delivery service and will be open  until midnight on 13 March (Japan Standard Time), with deliveries being made to five lucky people which will be chosen randomly, from 20-22 March. In order to apply, follow the product’s official Twitter account and fill in this online form with your information (in Japanese only of course). A reminder that applications can only be made by those with a Japanese address.

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Japanese Maid Delivery Service Is Hype Right Now 1

If you unfortunately are not one of the lucky ones, you can still pick up the one of the microwaveable omurice packs that are in stores starting February 20th. It will cost around $2.50 or about 270 yen. It is affordable and filling. I am applying. If not I will see if I can find it at Family Mart. 

Sources: PR Times, Nippon Ham

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