This Is How Japanese Moon Rover Will Look Like In 10 Years Time

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Toyota‘s pressurized vehicle will transport two astronauts over 10,000 kilometers using solar power

It seems that Toyota will be the first carmaker to go to the moon. JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) has teamed up with the automaker. They will be creating a self-driving pressurized rover that will roam the surface of the moon by 2029. The vehicle will feature six wheels and have the ability to transport two passengers. They will be able to go 10,000 kilometers using solar power coupled with Toyota’s full cell technology. It will feature roughly 13 square meters of habitation, and the astronauts will have the ability to take off their suits while inside the vehicle. JAXA is reporting that the vehicle will get to the moon first then meet with the crew once they arrive.

At JAXA, we are studying various scenarios as well as technologies that will be applied to specific space missions. Manned, pressurized rovers will be an important element supporting human lunar exploration, which we envision will take place in the 2030s. We aim at launching such a rover into space in 2029.

JAXA Vice President Wakata

As an engineer, there is no greater joy than being able to participate in such a lunar project by way of Toyota’s car-making and, furthermore, by way of our technologies related to electrified vehicles, such as fuel cell batteries, and our technologies related to automated driving. I am filled with great excitement. Fuel cells, which use clean power-generation methods, emit only water, and, because of their high energy density, they can provide a lot of energy, making them especially ideal for the project being discussed with JAXA.

Toyota Executive Vice President Terashi

Japanese Moon Rover Geek Impulse Japan

The most exciting part has to be for astronauts because of the freedom of mobility. The JAXA/Toyota announcement brings the future one step closer. The idea is no more just imagination, rather it is a reality that shows us just what the future of space exploration will be.

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