Japanese Pop Culture Ambassador Enako Appointed By Cabinet of Japan

Enako is usually referred to as “Japan’s number-one cosplayer.” There is not a day  that goes by that she is not doing a photo shooot. Even during this global pandemic, she is doing what she can to please her global fans. The  26-year-old Nagoya native, just became the official Japanese Pop Culture Ambassador.

This news comes on the heels of Enako gracing the cover of publisher Shueisha’s manga anthology Weekly Young Jump. In addition to its regular cimic publications they have a high-resolution photo spread of the beautiful cosplayer Enako. For those of you who do not live in Japan or do live here, but havent gotten the chance to buy a copy, you can purchase a copy through the online magazine 7 Net. This also give you a bonus exclusive Enako “clear files.” The link is below.

In a tweet we terribly translated. it says the following:

“I’ve been appointed a Cool Japan Ambassador by the Cabinet of Japan! I want to do everything I can as an ambassador and a cosplayer to help promote pop culture, an aspect of Japanese culture that I love so much.”

The particular role that Enako will be filling is the employment of ambassador of the cool Japan campaign.  The campaign seeks to encourage the world to get more excited about Japanese Pop Culture abroad. There is still no comment on exactly how and in what ways this will be achieved. The potential publicity for Japan is certainly going to be enhanced. We have all seen the crowd she draws at the shows from photographers and fans. Not only that, she is also respected more by her fans than other cosplayers in Japan. We will keep you updated with more news surrounding this. We expect to see her on Japanese YouTuber’s  videos and other businesses trying to capitalize on her fame and fandom. 

Sources: @enako_cos and Otakomu

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