Japanese Swimsuit Model Captivates With Final Fantasy Cosplay

Japanese Swimsuit Model Captivates (Gravure) the Air Comiket campaign with a birthday greeting to the martial arts heroine of Final Fantasy VII.

For over two decades which seems like an eternity for some people, Final Fantasy VII has had a reputation of one of the greatest games made. Of course that is probably subjective. The game nevertheless, has not faded away like so many games before it and after. With the hype however of the Final Fantasy VII remake, there has been a new sense of energy and desire for the game. Which makes sense why there is hype centered around a particular post which shows how one Japanese Swimsuit Model Captivates the hearts of so many.

Gravure Model Fumina Suzuki was only six years of age when the game originally came out. However, she is a fan and decided to entice the internet with here cosplay of the the game’s martial artist heroine, Tifa Lockheart.

Suzuki’s Tifa cosplay was twice as timely as she tweeted the photos on May 3rd, Tifa ‘s birthday, according to the characters bio which you can see below.

Not surprisingly, Suzuki’s cosplay coincided with the “Air Comiket” which is normally held in person. It is an event where otaku culture creators gather. This time it was done online since May’s Comiket was cancelled due to the pandemic situation.

You can find her on TikTok as well.

Those that admire both Suzuki or Tifa and individually will certainly enjoy this photo set. It is fitting that such an alluring Japanese Swimsuit Model Captivates the essence of one of gaming’s top female characters.

Sources:  Mantan Web, Feature Image by Twitter/@suzukifumina edited by Geek Impulse.

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