Discover Otaku Dreams Come True! Japanese Swimsuit Model Married a Pro Gamer She Met In An Arcade 9000

Japanese Swimsuit Model Married Pro Gamer Geek Impulse

Sexy Japanese swimsuit model married pro gamer she met in an arcade. Only in Japan and NSFW

Otaku Dreams Come True. Did you ever think a nerd could get a Japanese Swimsuit Model Married?

Fuudo is a world-class elite Street Fighter player. Enter Yuka Kuramochi, who is a very popular pin-up model. Mix the two and you have made every otaku believe they too can marry the girl of their dreams. The two met and shortly after became friends in an arcade during a Street Fighter IV tournament. The couple actually met long before Fuudo became a pro-gamer and before all the endorsements.

The announcement came on last Monday when the 28-year-old model shared pictures of their wedding on Twitter, according to Model Press. The couple filed their marriage registration paperwork on Nov. 5, a day before Kuramochi’s 28th birthday. In one of the pictures, Fuudo can be seen carrying an arcade-style video game fighting stick.

  • Japanese Swimsuit Model Married Pro Gamer Geek Impulse
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  • Japanese Swimsuit Model Married Pro Gamer Geek Impulse
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  • Japanese Swimsuit Model Married Pro Gamer Geek Impulse
  • Japanese Swimsuit Model Married Pro Gamer Geek Impulse

Video games, specifically “Street Fighter IV,” hold something special for the couple. The two of them met roughly 10 years ago at an arcade and became friends through their mutual love of the popular fighting game franchise. Actual Tweet Below.

Fuudo Twitter

During an interview with Blogos, the couple revealed that they met about 10 years ago. “I wasn’t a pro-gamer at the time,” Fuudo said, “but often went to game centers.”

Friday was the day that all the really great players gathered at the game center,” Kuramochi recalled. “Players who are now pros like Daigo Umehara and Tokido came, too. I was watching these great players get together and compete, and that’s where we became friends

Yuka Kuramochi Via Blogos

Even though she has yet to make any announcements about whether she will retire as a model, Kuramochi has said that she intends to support Fuudo in his career as a professional gamer. She is also currently a producer of G-Star Gaming, an all-female esports team.

Sources: Model Press, Nikkan Sports, Twitter/@yukakuramoti (Featured Photo)

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