Japanese Voice Actress Rie Tanaka Shows Age is Beautiful in Lingerie

Rie Tanaka Geek Impulse

Voice Actress Rie Tanaka may be 40 years old, but she is changing the taboo that a Japanese Women is never too old to show off her body.

Seiyuu, the name for voice actors in Japan are usually behind the scenes with the occasional interviews and photos and these days with social media, they are more public than previous years. They are responsible for some of our favorite characters in anime and even dubbing of voices from Hollywood to fit screening in Japan. These days its more lucrative to have side gigs such as cosplay or other forms of modeling. This brings a larger fan base and more demand for voice actors.

Rie Tanaka is just the latest actress who has decided to show off her body and surprise fans. She is best known for her voice roles for, Lacus Clyne in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny to title character Neptune in the Hyperdimension Neptunia video game franchise, and even Amber Heard’s Mera in the Japanese voice dub for Hollywood movie Aquaman.

  • Rie Tanaka Geek Impulse
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  • Rie Tanaka Geek Impulse
  • Rie Tanaka Geek Impulse
  • Rie Tanaka Geek Impulse

People online immediately began to praise her for being herself and expressing herself in this new way. She news things would be controversial with this photoshoot, but she wanted to do it anyway to show that beauty is just that regardless of what age. Fans have been working to get her an Instagram, but for now, Tanaka happily shared some behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the shoot with her 314,000 followers on Twitter, hinting at a bigger project to come. Is there a favorite Seiyuu that you would like to see do modeling? Let us know in the comments who that is.

She’s also a singer who’s released three albums and works as part of a singing trio called Steel Angels with two other voice actors, even releasing a photo collection together. She was married for six years to voice actor, Koichi Yamadera in August of 2018. Some say this is an act of good revenge as people have seen him out with younger ladies.

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