Japan’s #1 Cosplayer Drops Costumes For Swimsuits (Photos Inside)

Japan's #1 Cosplayer

Japan’s #1 Cosplayer © @enako_cos

Enako has done it again. Though the title of Japan’s #1 Cosplayer is what the media gives her as a title, her fan base is so large and her fans are so loyal they gladly perpetuate the title for her. She continues to increase her status as she regularly does cosplay for her Otaku fans since they are primarily what got her to where she is today. Some of her best cosplay according to fans is her Asuna character from Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Modoka and Hatsune Miku.

When it comes to her life she seems to bring in crowds being whatever character she feels like being that day. Her range of modeling is very unique and vast. Her recent venture though is why we are here with this article today. This time she is being herself and dressing in bikinis. This is causing the otaku internet to break. This is also showing just how talented she is. Take a look at the slide show below.

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  • Japan's #1 Cosplayer

Enako was participating in an event called Visual Queen Photo Shoot. This was held at the Toshimaen pool in Tokyo’s Nerima ward. This is an annual event where the top swimsuit model talent attend. This was held over a week ago. There were approximately 4,000 fans in attendance for the venue. Most of the talent modeled only one swimsuit. Enako being as experienced as she is, she wore three separate sets of swimwear.

Being held as Japan’s #1 Cosplayer, she is one of the busiest idols these days, so fans didn’t get to interact as much as normal. She is a constant attraction for companies to have her as their spokesmodel. Though it has not hit the internet yet, she modeled for a photo shoot that is part of the collection being offered at the next Comiket convention.

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