Japan’s Cheapest Hotel Room Is $1.20 a Night, but You’ll Be Live Streamed the Whole Time

A ryokan in Fukuoka (Kyushu, Japan) is trying an unorthodox, and slightly Black Mirror style approach to getting customers into its least-booked room. Japan is known for its array of odd hotels, from Hello Kitty love hotel rooms, to capsule hotels, and now a new innovation might hit the market.

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You don’t need to be a streamer or YouTuber, or in any way famous. You just have to agree to your night of activities and/or sleeping being streamed live, and in return you get the room for 130 yen. Would you trade your night’s privacy for a ridiculously cheap stay?

Japan has seen a boom in tourism over the last years, and with the Olympics around the corner this will only increase. This all means that hotels are getting pricier over time, especially with the recent 2% tax hike.

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So why is this room so cheap? According to SoraNews 24 (who sent their staff to stay the night), this room, number 8, is the least booked room of the hotel, so instead of making zero money per night, they might as well make 130 yen. The streaming stunt, in combination with the low cost of the room, should bring the hotel into the limelight and get it plenty more business than it had before.

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The room itself is well kept and small, but there’s really no place to hide, except maybe under the futon. The air conditioner is coin operated, presumably so you don’t cost the place more than you paid in electricity, and the streaming device is right by the door.
Thankfully the bathroom and shower are not inside the room itself, so there’s no worry of being spied on while you wash or use the facilities. Lastly, there’s no sound recorded either, so sadly all your beautiful performances will have to be mime or in sign language, but it does alleviate some of the pressure.

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You can check out their YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/_P0HqLnqnTo

Would you stay in this room for the price? Or for kicks? Let us know, we want to share your experience!

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