Japan’s First Female LOL Champion Also Models

Japan’s First Female LOL Champion, Miyu Otomo, is just 17 years old  and has proven herself in a place dominated by men. She became the first female champion of the All Japan High School E-sports Championship. Proving many things, but one thing is, just how big e-sports will get in the coming years.

Miyu goes under the handle ShakeSpeare, and along with her teammates from N High School in Okinawa, they took the victory. The high school itself is boasted as being a hybrid of online and offline but focuses heavily with online schooling. The school itself sets up students with the skills to become video game creators, computer programmers, writers, and anime producers. The model/gamer is originally from Saitama but transferred to Okinawa to achieve her dreams of becoming a better League of Legends Player.


Miyu has become the first female champion of the tournament in Japan. This title is something she humbly accepts. A recent survey in Japan mentioned that roughly only 30% of the gamers in Japan are women. This makes her success even that much more exciting. Yes, her gaming skills are off the charts, but that is not the only reason as to why she is garnering so much attention. Good or bad, she has caught the attention of many Japanese and the World by her beauty. She was a finalist in Last year’s Miss JK Contest which is meant for High School girls, but she also walked the runway at the Tokyo Girls Collection e3vent with roughly 2,500 others. Following her esports success she commented, “I’m glad I shook things up to do the things I wanted to do,” she said.


Her looks are just one part of who she is, her talent for the game is what stands out in the e-sports arena. She didn’t want others to think low 9of her because of her good looks and being a woman in the tournament. Otomo went on to say, “I was determined to win. I wanted to make sure people didn’t write me off just for being a woman.”

Sources: Jin, Mainichi Shinbun, MSN

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