Japan’s Hayabusa 2 Has Successfully Landed on an Asteroid

Japan ahead of everyone in Space Exploration?


Hayabusa2 - Geek Impulse - JAXA

© JAXA Hayabusa 2



On September 21, 2018, JAXA separated the Minerva-Ⅱ1 from the asteroid probe ‘Hayabusa 2’ (separation time is 13:06 in Japan time). Its Hayabusa 2 probe successfully landed on the asteroid Ryugu. The officials at JAXA say it was a success because of the images beamed back to earth. This believe it or not is a very significant achievement in space exploration. 



The rovers landed on the 1-kilometer wide asteroid. There should be new photos coming soon aside from the ones we have shown here now that Ryugu is occupied. Their primary function will be photos and the collection of other data from the surface. In a statement made by JAXA, they said the purpose is to, “clarify interactions between the building blocks of Earth and the evolution of its oceans and life, thereby developing solar system science.” The Hayabusa 2 predecessor, Hayabusa, failed to land a rover on the asteroid Itokawa in 2005.


Hayabusa 2 - Geek Impulse - JAXA

                                                                     ©JAXA Hayabusa 2



We will update you as more information becomes available about the Hayabusa 2. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on this story and others we release everyday. Let us know what you think about this amazing accomplishment and what to you speculate will be the data collected. 








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