Japan’s Most Beautiful College Students Crowned For 2020

Japan’s Most Beautiful College Students were chosen for this year. The titles for Mr. of Mr. and Miss of Miss were from Tokyo. Though this seems a little strange, in Japan, College is not just seen as a place of higher academia, but also of High Fashion. This is because during your college years, this is the biggest break from uniforms and suites and the stereotypical haircut most experience. 

Due to this, it is only natural that there is a competition. College students are considered to be the epitome of peak fashion and beauty. Therefore, many of these college campuses hold beauty contests for men and women. Once every year, the Miss of Miss Campus Queen and Mr. of Mr. Campus contests bring these individual-school winners together and crown Japan’s most beautiful and most handsome college students.


When looking at both winners’ social media it becomes abundantly clear that their aspirations are to be in the entertainment industry. According to Hajime, he took dance lessons at a school run by  the Japanese Talent Agency LDH. This gave him the opportunity to be a backup dancer for the group Sandaime J Soul Brothers. He does this for concert tours and of cours wants to become an independent artist himself. 2020’s Mr. of Mr. is Koki Hajime is a 21-year-old liberal arts major at Tokyo’s J.F. Oberlin University. The  Miss of Miss Campus Queen, Moe Ishiwaki, is also a college student in Tokyo as previously mentioned. She is studying in the College of Humanities and Sciences of Nihon University. Her aspirations are a multi-faceted path of becoming a combination TV drama actress, fashion model, and variety show personality. This route makes sense to tackle all three as is the norm in Japan.

In addition to prizes of 500,000 yen (US$ 4,670 yen) each, both of Japan’s Most Beautiful College Students, Ishiwaki and Hajime will star for contest sponsor Rize’s chain of hair removal salons in upcoming advertisements.

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