Japan’s Sexy Drift Angels 7th Member is a Costumed Cat Girl

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Up-chan Proves Japan Loves Cuteness and Sexiness Equally

Sexy Drift Angels (Grid Girls) as they are normally referred to at races are a huge part of motorsports. They might even play a bigger role in Japanese motorsports as they are huge for marketing. They are usually dressed in a mix of elegance and sexiness which seem a bit of a stretch. These spokesmodels are young women who are energetic, eye-catching and very kawaii and cheerful. One of the popular groups is the Drift Angels. They represent the team called Up Garage. Up Garage is one of Japan’s used motorcycle and auto chains for used parts.

These girls are there to help fans identify where the drives are situated. This is done before the drivers get to their cars. Grid girls even do the same thing during driver autograph signings. Its a bit nice to have added beauty to the scene of male-dominated areas and being amongst all those machines. Traditionally there are usually as many grid girls as there are drivers.

Race Queens are a bit different. Race Queens compose of three girls often in different uniforms from the grid girls – who stand on the podium with the top three drivers after the race. Up-Chan is recognized trainee member of Drift Angels. Up-chan appears alongside her human counterpart Drift Angels at races and promotional events and even dresses in the same outfits.


Up-chan debuted in 2016. She is still not an official Drift Angel. She is still considered a trainee. Her official Twitter profile still lists her as having a dream to one day become an official member of their squad. She hasn’t given up yet and that should inspire others who wish to become a Drift Angel, Grid Girl or Race Queen. What are your thoughts of these Sexy Drift Angels??? Let us know in the comments below. Japan is a weird place sometimes but we love it and we are glad you do too.

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