JARGA Donated 100 Super NES Systems to Families With Kids

JARGA Donated 100 Super NES Systems to Families With Kids. JARGA stands for the Japan Retro Game Association. The organization is all about the preservation and promotion of those retro video games. In addition, the group organizes discussions and holds renovation workshops along with other activities. They often just set up old-school hardware at events where guests are invited to play classic games and witness the cultural and technical past of a piece of gaming firsthand.

JARGA Donated 100 Super NES Systems Geek Impulse Japan
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JARGA has confirmed that it will donate Nintendo Super Famicom (Super NES) systems to 100 households with young children. They are doing this to show appreciation of children who, given the mundane activity of staying at home daily, are actually doing the right thing by staying in their residence during this challenging time. The devices themselves are given away completely free, and all the recipients will have to pay shipping (which varies according to the exact position of the recipient in Japan, but works out to around 1,500 yen or roughly $14). When you think about it, that is actually a sweet deal. If they wanted to resell it on eBay for example, they could make a lot of money.

All applicants must consist of families with a child 16 or younger in the home, and can apply by sending an email to JARGA at [email protected] with the subject line of SFCプレゼント係 (meaning “Super Famicom present coordinator) along with their name, address, and phone number. Applications close at 11:59 on April 26. We think it is super cool that JARGA Donated 100 Super NES systems in these difficult times. Perhaps other companies will follow in their foot steps.

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