Jaw-Dropping! My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes Coming!

My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes

Recently a lot more information has been revealed for the My Hero Academia  film over the weekend. The official title is My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes. The film is set to debut in Japan on August 3. The story will be set during the Forest Training arc which takes place after the final exam.
One of the focal points of the movie will be a massive manmade floating city called I • Island, which is takes place overseas. We will also be getting a look at All Mights’ earlier days which is awesome!
This is the new visual by character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi:




If you want to follow the official twitter to see updates as the come here you go:



So tell us, are you excited about this announcement for My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes? Can you handle the wait for the third season? What perk would you love to have. Let’s discuss in the comments below.




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