The U.S. Pentagon Can Identify Your Heartbeat By Laser Beams With Jetson

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Laser system on Unit Telescope 4 of the VLT. © ESO/F. Kamphues (Not Actual Lasers From the Pentagon)

Many films these days depict some sort of biometric identification. Because of this most people believe that this technology is far from reality because they do not experience it daily. Nothing can be further from the truth. When you travel you use facial recognition. You even use it on your smartphone like the Apple XS and other models. This technology has become so far advanced that it can identify you by the way you walk. So what is next? Well as we mentioned it is now reregistering your heart beat now.

In a recent report by MIT Technology Review, the U.S. Pentagon has officially developed a laser that will identify people by their heartbeat. The even scarier part is that it can be done from a distance. The technology is called Jetson. It utilizes laser vibrometry and identifies movements on the surface of the skins from a record 200 meters. The reason for this is that everyone on the planet has a unique cardiac signature and cannot be altered.

A representative told MIT Review:

While it works at 200 meters (219 yards), longer distances could be possible with a better laser. “I don’t want to say you could do it from space,” says Steward Remaly, of the Pentagon’s Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office, “but longer ranges should be possible.

David Hambling (Author)

In the official government document it states:

Additionally, movement, environmental conditions, changes in facial appearance (i.e., beards, sunglasses, headwear) can obfuscate the face and result in considerable inaccuracies. Being able to measure unique cardiac signatures obtained from an individual at a distance provides additional biometric identification when environmental conditions and changes in facial appearance hinder the use of more common facial recognition systems.

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