Japanese Cosplayer Wears ‘ Jewel Cat Lingerie ‘ For Crowdfunding Campaign (JPop Culture)

Jewel Cat Lingerie Geek Impulse

Jewel Cat Lingerie Crowdfunding Campaign

Three different cats styles plus one Cosplayer make for one hell of a campaign.

Mocolle is a Japanese company that thrives off of making fantasies come alive. Their moniker is something the company strives to live up too. Mocelle is derived from the word mousou which translates to delusion or fantasy in Japanese. The company this time is taking on the world of Neko. The designs are inspired by felines and happily called ‘ Jewel Cat Lingerie.’

The collection features kawaii neko details. Each set is amplified with a shiny jewel that heightens the elegance of each design. Each piece of lingerie comes with bra, underwear, armbands and a laced jewel collar and cat hairband. The back of the lingerie is also as nice as the front with a cute bow essentially where the tail would be. You can see all of it in the slideshow below.

  • Jewel Cat Lingerie Geek Impulse
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  • Jewel Cat Lingerie Geek Impulse
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  • Jewel Cat Lingerie Geek Impulse
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Cosplay model Mote Chan is central to the crowdfunding campaign. She is someone who is not shy about being in the spotlight or taking photos. She is known for her revealing photo shoots online. What are the reward tiers? Glad you asked. They start at 3,600 yen (US$32.23) for three photos of Mote chan modelling each of the designs, and go up to 8,856 yen for a lingerie set, and a whopping 80,280 yen for a pack that includes all three lingerie sets, signed photos, a Mote chan photo book, and three body pillow covers featuring Mote chan in all of the designs.

What are your thoughts on this campaign? Would you wear this for your husband/BF or guys would you get this for your girl? Let us know in the comments below.


One size (M size equivalent): Bust about 83-85 cm, waist about 64-70 cm, hip about 87-95 cm. The color of the product may cause some differences with the real thing in relation to the lighting and browser.


Nylon, polyurethane, polyester
Country of production: China

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