Jimin Shares BTS 7th Anniversary With Fans in Open Letter

Jimin Shares BTS 7th Anniversary. In his open letter it states, ” First, I want to convey a sincere word of thanks to all the ARMY who have been with us until our seventh anniversary. Coming up to our seventh anniversary, I only ever thought time traveled quickly but now that I look back, there are so many memories that we’ve made together that it made me realize that seven years is certainly not a short period of time, Thank you, for have been together with us through these times.”

Jimin Shares BTS 7th Anniversary and says that he has taken on the role of music project manager (PM) for BTS’ next album. In his broadcast, after telling fans how much he missed them, he said, “First of all, the thing I wanted to say today is that we’re all meeting lately to have discussions so that we can make the album.”

The last time, we talked a lot about whether such-and-such a topic or idea would be good,” he said. He shared that they’ve currently collected together the songs they’ve written, with the members and their agency’s producers having worked on the melodies, tracks, and lyrics.

The members sent in a lot too, and since I’m the PM, I put all the songs the members wrote together and sent them to the agency,” he said. “The members wrote so many songs. I also sent in a few songs, but I think mine won’t make it, because the members have sent in so many great songs.

It was really fun to write the songs,” he went on to say. “I worked on them while thinking of it as studying. I created melodies and wrote lyrics as well, and I stayed at the studio until 4 a.m. even. I practiced singing as well, and it was a really fun time. While I was doing this and that, I tried to make exciting songs. So that’s the type of song that I’ve sent in.

Sources: NAVER

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