Jo Byeong Gyu And Kim Sejeong Fight Demons in Amazing Rumor

Webtoon’s ‘Amazing Rumor’ drama adaptation starring Gugudan’s SeJeong, Jo Byung Gyu, Yeom Hye Ran, and Yoo Jung Sang, dropped their first teaser on Oct. 18. The Series is based on the webtoon of the same name, “Amazing Rumor” will tell the story of demon hunters called “Counters” who come to Earth and disguise themselves as employees at a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits.

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The teaser began with the animated introduction of the main characters, and then unveiled the real life of Gugudan’s SeJeong, Jo Byung Gyu, Yeon Hye Ram, and Yoo JungSang. Amazing Rumor is the story of a group of people called “Counters” who have their own unique powers that they use to track down evil spirits. To accomplish their goal and conceal their identity, Counters are disguised as an employee of the Noodle Restaurant. Trailer Below.

SeJeong will play the role of Do Hana, who has the special ability to hear that can locate and guess evil spirits’ location. Her character can also read someone’s memories when she touched them.

Byung Gyu will play the role of So Moon, the youngest member of the Counters. His character’s special ability is his enhanced physical strength. So Moon, his character, has a limp in his left leg that came from a car accident he was involved in when he was a child, and also the reason for his parent’s death. As the youngest in the group, So Moon is known as the central figure of the Counters.

Hye Ran will play the role of Chu Mae Ok, the anchor of the Counters. Her character was also the chef of the noodle restaurant where the Counters were working as a disguised. With her healing abilities, Chu Mae-Ok was considered as the ’emotional pillar’ of the group.

JungSang will play the role of Ga Mo Tak, a former police officer who had an accident in the past that caused him to lose his memory. His character is the life teacher of So Moon. He can not also stand injustices.

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