Jupiter’s legacy Brandon and ep8 Review: how it all ends Betrayal and Secrets


The cell to Blackstar opens. It then flashes back to the past and the public has learned there are heroes. Walter is nervous to come out in public, for fear of being identified. Again, we jump back to the present, it is showing Walter inside the imposter’s head. Raiku holds the door open, but Walter needs to find his own way out.

Brandon Shines

© Netflix / Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson

Hutch meets with his team, and they learn he is hooking up with Chloe. They are unhappy about this. He asks them to do a job with him, but they refuse. Utopia is pacing, waiting for his brother to get free. Brandon comes and they chat, with Utopia apologizing for being so hard on him when he was growing up. He explains to him what had happened with Skyfox. They are informed about Blackstar’s cell being breached.

Hutch goes to China for his mission and ends up getting his ass kicked by guards. Chloe shows up to rescue him. We then see Walter being torn apart while trapped inside the fake Blackstar. Walt is brought to a room where he sees George. Brandon is in the jail where Darkstar escaped, he is blindsided by Darkstar. Utopia shows up to help Brandon, while Grace shows up to help Walt. During Utopia’s battle with Darkstar, Petra comes to Utopia’s aid. Walt and Grace end up escaping, but not before George delivers a message to him.

Back in the thirties, the team talks about their new obtained powers. We see Skyfox with the same device that Hutch uses to teleport. We cut to Walt with his daughter, explaining everything going on to her. This is an attempt to amend their relationship. This is where we see the double cross being explained.

This was by far the best episode, though it was one of the shortest. I personally really enjoy this series. It is a fresh take on all the superhero shows and movies that are out these days. It manages to have both a Marvel and DC series. It is a little quirky and lighthearted, but with very dark undertones. I will be keeping my eyes peeled out for the next season. Watching this show has sparked an interest in the comics, so I will begin to read them. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have. Until the next series, cheers!

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