Jupiter’s Legacy Chloe Dances ep4 Review: All the devils are here In Luxurious Fashion


This episode starts with Chloe (Elena Kampouris) dancing in the club. She spends time together with a guy who is a fanboy. They go into the back of the club and hang out with the rest of the superheroes. They reminisce about growing up together and Ruby wants to know why Chloe was not there when their friends died and why she was not at the Funeral. It turns out this guy also has powers. He slows everything down when they begin to fight.

We than get to a scene where it seems that Sheldon is out in the desert, searching for the places he was seeing in his visions. He helps the guy with his tire change and exchanges the labor for directions. He is looking for a windmill, with three blades missing.

Chloe Has the Blue’s up Her nose

ELENA KAMPOURIS as CHLOE SAMPSON / Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix © 2021

Chloe is late for a photoshoot, so she wakes the guy she went home with. He is trying to apply to The Union as time warp. He asks Chloe to put in a word for him, and she feels used. She proceeds to punch him through a wall. After this we end up back in the 30’s with Sheldon being dropped in a mysterious town. He sees his father again who tells him to ask for help. While on the phone he hears an altercation and gets involved. He gets beat up by some guys around town. A little girl picks up his map and directs him to the Miller’s farm.

Chloe does a photoshoot briefly for a scene and then we are back with Sheldon in Kansas. His visions come as he enters the farm to search around. He sees a picture of the little girl who helped him. A gentleman tells Sheldon he has been waiting for him and they need to get started. Cut back to present day, Chloe is getting fired for throwing a car at the photoshoot. It flashes back to the fight between Hutch and Chloe. She tries some of the blue substance she got after the fight from the briefcase Hutch had.

We are back at the farm and Sheldon is talking with Mr. Miller who found him at the farm. He explains to him that he has been having visions of the farm. Miller talks to him about being in the Navy on a destroyer, having his ship tore up by a storm. The storm chased them like it was alive, and since than Miller has been having visions. He explains to Sheldon he needs to go to the spot on the ocean where the sea comes alive. Mr. Miller kills himself out of nowhere which leads to Sheldon frantically searching around and discovering the basement.

In the basement Sheldon sees some bodies and some patterns on the wall. He then drops his pocket watch, and it writes some coordinates in the sand. The bodies turn into his friends and begin to laugh at him. While leaving the farm, Walter pulls up on him, and Sheldon tells him he wants to go home.

The episode jumps back to the present day, with Chloe a little intoxicated and talking about The Union. She talked to Jan about not having friends. Chloe ends up doing some more of that powder and overdoses. This is when Hutch teleports into her room. This episode is mostly uneventful but ties the story together. This is mid-season, so I am sure next episode is going to pick up. Catch you in episode five. Find out more about Jupiters Legacy Here.

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