Jupiter’s Legacy Ep1 Review Darkstar: “By Dawn’s early light” is an Absolute Scary MF


Netflix’s new super packed TV series is a pleasant addition to the superhero Genre. Based on the Comics writer Mark Miller, this first episode had me hooked to learn more about the Jupiters Legacy character’s back stories. The series is hard hitting with a dark undertone. Spoilers ahead!

The episode starts with a classic scene introducing some of our main characters as kids, who use their power, and Chloe gets a life lesson from her father Utopian. Make sure to stay tuned in as this episode has you time traveling between the great depression and present day. As each character is introduced, we get a glimpse into their internal struggles. The family is also on full display. Politics does play a role in this series, but so far it is light and painted toward history.

Darkstar and Family Struggles


Brandon, Utopia’s son tries to take on a wannabe who has hijacked a robbery and fails miserably. His father comes to save him and quickly dispatches her like a lightweight. This is the start of seeing our heroes trying to fill their parents’ shoes. While having dinner, we finally meet Brandon’s sister Chloe as an adult, who is a free spirit to say the least. A model that loathes the thought of having to impress her father, who is old school and rigid at times.

After dinner, Brandon is at a club with his friends, who I assume will be his team. We learn more of the history of our heroes, who’s friend Skyfox turned on them by kidnapping the Vice President. After some more amazing back story, our heroes are thrust into battle against Darkstar. Darkstar is our typical super villain, a mad scientist turned against society.

With some of Brandon’s friends killed in the fight, he gets a fresh lesson in the family code. Brandon goes against this and kills Darkstar, which upsets Utopia. This new age of evil does follow the rules. The code does not apply any more.

This series already has me intrigued to see more. In the days of superhero everything, from movies to TV series, Netflix has delivered something new for its viewers. I am sure as you watch you will agree. I give this an eight out of ten. See you for the next episode.

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