Jupiter’s legacy ep2 Review: paper and stone Utopia Actionable Ass-Kicking or Sad Dad


This episode begins with Blackstar evaluating a cheap knock off himself. He ridicules Utopia for allowing his son to kill, while he is locked up for the same thing. The public is angry about this breach, which allowed Blackstar to be free. Our heroes try to hold a press conference to put them at ease and seems to fail. Utopia talks to Brandon about how he killed the Blackstar knock off.

Utopia and his issues with the new generation


We flashback to the 1930’s when Utopia is burying his father, who had jumped off a building because of the stock market crash. Utopia learns his father was playing loose with his employees’ pension, attacking the Marxists who printed the article. Sheldon (Utopia) than begins to have nose bleeds and visions. This increase and begin to drive him mad.

His family locks him up in the house to keep an eye on him. He begins to see his father in the visions as sell as an island. We are than back in the present. Sheldon is talking to Chloe but struggles to show her the kind of support she needs. She wants her father to support her career and to not judge her so harshly. This does not go over well.

Brandon than buries his friends who dies during the struggle with the Blackstar imposter. We than see Sheldon and his wife about how he is too tough on the kids. Right after, we jump back to the 30’s with Utopia in bed convulsing while seeing the island. He also sees himself with friends journeying to this area with a few of his friends, who we do not know yet.

Though this episode does not have as much action, we get a lot of more context to this story. I have not lost interest in this show. They have dynamic characters that puts you front and center in their life and mind frames. If this series continues to be this good, Netflix has hit it out of the park again!

In the Jupiter’s Legacy Episode 1 review, we called Blackstar “Darkstar” this was on honest mistake, but we will leave it as is.

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