Jupiter’s legacy ep5 Review: What’s the use! Skyfox you Sneaky Elusive Supe


This episode opens in present day. Sheldon is talking about being estranged from his family. Chloe not wanting to be his daughter and Brandon killing Blackstar. He is struggling with the code changing (Flashback of Skyfox). His psychologist is trying to help him sort out the world. The notion of doing good seem moot to him in this present time.

Sheldon is talking about drinking during the prohibition and goes back to the article. He explains the disappointment he had with his father losing the company pensions, and that leads him to take the path of good. Sheldon has more visions, and it leads him to exhume his father to take his pocket watch.

It’s all about Skyfox?

MATT LANTER JUPITER’S LEGACY / Steve Wilkie/Netflix © 2021

Chloe wakes up in the hospital with Hutch (Skyfox son) sitting by her side talking about the stolen powder. It cuts back to Sheldon in present day who is plowing the field manually. Lady Liberty comes back from saving a village from a Volcano. Sheldon explains that Brandon was sent to The Union to witness the Autopsy of Blackstar.

Brandon is talking with his uncle about seeing the battle over and over. Mr. Wolf comes through the roof and comes to bring Brandon to the autopsy. They discover a metal ball inside of the imposter. Mr. Wolf cracks the code on the ball, and it opens to reveal Sheldon’s pocket watch.

We are back in the 30’s with Sheldon and George. Sheldon explains that he found some coordinates and George (Skyfox) was right. Explains that something is calling all of them. They were all dead and sitting in the same place. They now realize it is a puzzle of some sort. He asked George to help him on the journey. After that scene, we are back to the present and Sheldon is with the shrink.

A little later, Sheldon is with Walter, and they are looking at the metal ball and watch. They contemplate on why the ball was in Blackstar. They conclude that Skyfox is the one that put it in Blackstar. This is exciting, is George alive, or is it Hutch?

Utopia flies to Hutch and he tries to flee. Utopia shows up there as well and tells him they should talk about his father. We are now back in the depression era and Sheldon is looking for Grace. Sheldon hires her to come with them on their expedition to chronicle the journey. Soon after, we are back in the depression during the recruiting effort. This is where they are recruiting the Dr. who is doing the Autopsy? They fail in the moment, but his father talks to him about working with them.

Sheldon and Hutch sit down in a coffee shop to discuss George. Hutch explains that The Union are the ones who turned on Skyfox. Sheldon asks to talk with him. They teleport to a bar, every time he tries to find his father, he ends up in another strip club.

We see Hutch hooking up with Chloe. He tells her that her father came to see him. She says this is the normal pattern and her father always tries to scare off men. He explains to her that Utopia is looking for her father.

Back to the past, George and Walter are discussing Sheldon. Skyfox (George) says you can’t care for someone who you envy. Walter says Sheldon is delusional. Walter wants to save the company that his father lost. George convinces him to allow Sheldon on this journey, saying it can heal all of them. Jane and Sheldon speak about the journey, and She asks if she is there with him. Jane than leaves him.

Sheldon is back with his shrink. He is struggling with the chaos in the world. His psychologist explains that reality always wins, and Sheldon can’t live in a world of black and white. The world is mostly shading of grey. Plot twist, his psychologist Jack is a guy who tried to kill him for twenty years. Sheldon than leaves the prison that Jack is being held in and it ends.

This story has my attention. It is beautifully written, other than trying to keep up with the jump cuts between different decades. While there is not a whole lot of action, you get a few laughs which keep this episode watchable. I am hoping to see the team that forms The Union get their powers soon. Skyfox is coming.

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