Jupiter’s Legacy ep6: cover her face Ghostbeam Is Mighty and Gorgeous


The sixth episode opens with a super hook up. Utopia says he can sense a comet outside Mars that has gotten off track. After he leaves, Grace is seen going through some old memorabilia of Utopia. We then flashback to the thirties and the team is discussing trying to get a boat to go through an area of the sea that is a ship graveyard. They meet Captain Barges, and he declines their offer, pulling a gun on Sheldon. He accepts when the money is right.

Ghostbeam has a small role, but a Significant one

Ghost Beam
KARA ROYSTER as GHOSTBEAM / Marni Grossman/Netflix © 2021

They set off to sea but before they go, the captain asks them to rid themselves of their weapons, his rules. They are assigned quarters before we jump back to modern day. Brandon is working on the farm and Grace shows up to ask him to remain on the farm. Brandon is struggling to adhere to the code. Cut to a scene of some heroes battling their villain’s. Lady Liberty shows up to help the heroes, who find themselves also struggling with the code.

At the compound for The Union, Lady Liberty finds herself discussing the code again with one of the younger heroes. The theme seems to be that it is getting harder for the heroes these days. Grace then learns that Chloe was in the hospital, the cat is out of the bag. Liberty visits Chloe, only to learn that she is with Hutch.

On the ship Sheldon is discovered to be hiding things from his friends. After a quick argument, they find a man floating in the open water. The whole team is together now, as we are introduced to a surgeon named Richard. He tells the story of a storm that is alive, the same one we heard in earlier episodes. Now Sheldon knows he is no longer delusional. Sheldon gets into a standoff with the captain and it ends with a deafening sound. They recover to discover an island.

Back in modern times Grace lands at another site where she finds Ghostbeam in battle. Ghostbeam lands in Lady Liberty’s lap, she dies, but not before telling Grace she upheld the code. Liberty then goes into a rage and ends up going against the code herself. This episode ends with Grace recounting the day to Sheldon. There was a ton of action in this episode you will not want to miss. Ghostbeam is one of many supes that die.

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