Jupiter’s legacy ep7 Review: Omnes pro uno A Battle to Shape the Future


This chapter starts with Walter trying to get into the false Darkstar’s head. They enlist the help of Raiku, who is an assassin for hire. We see her in battle that is expertly choreographed. While she is in battle in Tokyo, Walter teleports her to him in mid battle. We learn she is Walter’s daughter.

Sheldon explains to everyone how this all started. That this is a test, so that they are ready for the island. He finally convinces Richard to join them. The captain gives them three days to complete their journey, or he leaves without them.

A Battle for a New World

Battle in Jupiters Legacy

Back at Union headquarters, Utopia and Liberty argue about dissent. They realize the code is broken. Liberty tells Utopia he is being too hard on everyone and needs to be a stronger leader. She feels the young heroes will lose faith in the Union if he does not.

Back at the island in the thirties, the team begins to see the same symbols on trees. This is guidance for them. They come to a spot where they see a desert clearing. They try to leave, but the island rapidly grows trees so they can’t leave.

Chloe is then seen speaking with Brandon about Ghostbeam. He tries to convince her to join them, and it seems she is coming around. Brandon then talks with Petra, who speaks about leaving The Union. He gives her a lesson his father gave him. We flashback to the island where Sheldon and the team wants to give up as well. They finally are convinced to proceed.

Back at The Union, Walter visits Blackstar to give him another chance. He proceeds to suffocate him with his own mind. Raiku helps Walter get inside the dead Darkstar’s head. They find it hard, as this clone is made from dark matter. Walter gets trapped.

The team crosses the desert, and they finally get to the wall. This is the moment we are waiting for, where they obtain their power. This does not come easy, as whatever is calling them is trying to mess with their minds to stop their journey. They almost kill each other until Grace sees the remains of Vikings who have killed each other. They then turn to the wall and touch it. We see the symbols and the wall opens to a room full of light. They get to the center and the team sees people they have lost in their life and are proud of them. We finally get Jupiter’s Legacy heroes.

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