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Jupiters Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy, written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted) and Frank Quitely (We3) and first released in 2013, is the new creator-owned comic to get the live-action experience. It’s an adaptation of a different Image Comics title. The Other One Being Invincible on Amazon Prime.

The eight-episode first season of Jupiters Legacy follows the children of superheroes as they attempt to live up to their parents’ extraordinarily grand expectations. The official premiere date for the show is May 7th.

Jupiters Legacy Plot

Jupiters Legacy

Jupiters Legacy is set in two timelines, the first of which takes place in the late 1920s. Sheldon Sampson, his brother Walter, and their college classmates hire a boat to travel to an island he has seen in his visions many times as the Great Depression begins. Sheldon maintains that this island is the solution to his problems and that it holds a key that can save the entire nation.

While what he is saying seems to be the delusions of a lunatic, his friends and family are willing to join him on this crazy journey. The enigmatic island turns out to be just where Sheldon claimed it would be, and they all return to the homeland in 1933 with unimaginable abilities.

The Netflix Trailer and Additional Comic Book Details

Jupiters Legacy was released in 2013, right in the middle of former President Obama’s second term and is set in the modern world. The comic, which is Millar and Quitely’s first collaboration since 2001’s The Authority, is a fresh take on the superhero genre, but it’s also inspired by pop culture comparisons like King Kong and the Golden Age of comics in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as the values of the moment and how far United states has deviated from those principles.

After the initial Jupiters Legacy comic book series, the franchise continued through the prequel named Jupiter’s Circle, by Millar and Wilfredo Torres, and Jupiter’s Legacy 2, by Millar and Quitely.

Jupiters Legacy is also about seeing one group of characters at various stages in their lives, where being young inspires optimism and trust in the system, but that hope is replaced by skepticism, frustration, and hopelessness 100 years later by the next generation. Given the huge differences in their young adult years and outlook, how will the next generation develop?

This first season contains eight episodes that cover the first phase of the comic while significantly expanding on some aspects of the plot. We will have review of each episode for you to read as well once it airs.

Sheldon Sampson (The Utopian) Played by Josh Duhamel

Jupiters Legacy

Sheldon is the Sampson family leader. He was a founding member of the superhero team Union, and he led the voyage that granted the team their abilities. He, like the Homelander and Omni-Man, possesses Superman-like abilities, such as super strength and flight. He also has telekinetic powers that he has managed to pass on to his child Brandon.

Sheldon’s strict morality from his childhood causes strife in his household. Josh Duhamel, who has previously starred in the Transformers franchise and will voice Harvey Dent in the animated version of Batman: The Long Halloween, plays Sheldon.

Grace Kennedy Sampson (Lady Liberty) Played by Leslie Bibb

Jupiters Legacy
LESLIE BIBB as GRACE SAMPSON / JUPITERS LEGACY / Credit Marni Grossman/Netflix © 2021

Grace is another one of the Union’s founding members. Her extraordinary strength and invulnerability are her abilities. Sheldon is her husband, and she often must moderate his utopianism with realism. Brandon and Chloe Sampson, members of the disgruntled second generation of superheroes, are her and Sheldon’s children.

Chloe finds the long shadow she projects particularly challenging. Leslie Bibb portrays Grace. Superheroes are nothing new to her. In the first two Iron Man films, she played correspondent Christine Everhart, and in the WHIH Newsfront shorts, which were used in viral publicity campaigns for Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War.

Walter Sampson (Brainwave) Played by Ben Daniels

Jupiters Legacy
BEN DANIELS as WALTER SAMPSON / JUPITERS LEGACY / Credit Marni Grossman/Netflix © 2021

Sheldon’s older brother, Walter, was a founding member of the Union. He and his brother also can fly, but most of his abilities are cognitive. Walter can telepathically isolate a person’s mind from their body, trapping them in a “mind painting.” He can also trigger fatal aneurysms, making him a nightmare foe for all but Sheldon, who is resistant to his abilities. Walter, unlike his brother, tends to take tangible political action over simply setting a good example. Ben Daniels, who has starred in films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the movie adaptation of Doom, plays him.

Chloe Sampson Played by Elena Kampouris

Jupiters Legacy

is Grace and Sheldon’s daughter who has never followed in her father’s footsteps as a patriot, preferring instead to live a busy life developing her brand as a social climber.

George Hutchence (Skyfox) Played by Matt Lanter

Jupiters Legacy
MATT LANTER as GEORGE HUTCHENCE / JUPITERS LEGACY / Credit Marni Grossman/Netflix © 2021

The Caped Crusader’s use of technology, playboy lifestyle, and underground cave headquarters are all reminiscent of Batman. He, unlike Batman, possesses real superpowers. Skyfox has super strength and can fly. After a falling out, Sheldon and Skyfox became bitter rivals, with Skyfox eventually becoming a liberal extremist and supervillain. Matt Lanter, who has voiced Aquaman, Venom, and Anakin Skywalker, plays Skyfox.

Hutch Hutchence Played by Ian Quinlan

Jupiters Legacy
IAN QUINLAN as HUTCH / Credit Steve Wilkie/Netflix © 2021

Hutch, unlike the Sampson brothers, did not inherit any of his father’s superpowers. With his Power Rod, which simulates superpowers, he holds his own. Hutch can teleport himself and others to any location he can think of using the rod. The rod also shoots out energy beams that can move anybody, even superhumans, back.

Even though Hutch did not grow up with his supervillain father, he follows him and leads his own gang. Chloe Sampson’s relationship with him may be viewed as a form of defiance on her part. Ian Quinlan, who previously starred on Gotham, plays Hutch.

Fitz Small (The Flare) Played by Mike Wade

Jupiter's Legacy
MIKE WADE as FITZ SMALL / Credit Marni Grossman/Netflix © 2021

Fitz Small is one of the Union’s original founders. He’s the team’s native speedster as the Flare. He also can fly, has superhuman strength, and can fire energy bursts. Even after his retirement from the Union due to injuries, he remains a valuable member of the team. Fitz’s retirement is based on a comic book.

Fitz is succeeded in the Union by his daughter Petra, who becomes the second Flare, in a departure from the source material. Mike Wade, who has worked on CBS dramas Seal Team and NCIS, plays Fitz.

Petra Small (Flare II) Played by Tenika Davis

Jupiter's Legacy
TENIKA DAVIS as PETRA SMALL / Credit Steve Wilkie/Netflix © 2021

Tenika Davis, who has starred in shows such as the CW’s Beauty and the Beast, takes on a new role in the Netflix adaptation. Petra may be based on Fitz’s oldest son, Peter, from the comic books. Petra, like Peter, inherited powers from her father Fitz, and when he retires, she takes up the position of the Flare. Peter resents his father for causing a rift in their family by having an affair with a teen. If that remains part of Fitz’s backstory, it will build a new generational conflict on the show.

Doctor Richard Conrad (Blue-Bolt) Played by David Julian Hirsh

Jupiter's Legacy
David Julian Hirsh as Blue Bolt of JUPITERS LEGACY Credit Steve Wilkie/Netflix © 2021

Richard Conrad, played by David Julian Hirsh, is the only founding member of the Union who hasn’t been photographed in costume for Jupiters Legacy. On the expedition where the Union’s founders acquired their forces, he is photographed with the rest of the Union’s founders. This may be because Blue-Bolt was given more screen time in the prequel series Jupiter’s Circle. If Netflix renews the show, he will appear more in future seasons.

Since Jupiter’s Circle is set in 1950s Hollywood, he will certainly appear in flashbacks. Hirsh has starred in a variety of shows, including Flashpoint, a Canadian police drama, and Weeds.

Brandon Sampson (Paragon) Played by Andrew Horton

Jupiter's Legacy

Brandon is a second-generation superhero who resents his family, the Utopian and Lady Liberty. He also has depression issues, believing that his father abandoned him as a child. Brandon is affected by his uncle Walter due to a divide between him and his parents. Brandon’s key ability is telekinesis, which enables him to fly, live in space like his father, and raise items the size of a cargo ship. Andrew Horton, who starred in Neil Gaiman’s adaptation How to Talk to Girls at Parties, plays him.

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