K-Pop Controversy – Jennie BlackPink Instagram Post Sparks Backlash Amongst The Community 1

Jennie Blackpink

Jennie Blackpink took to Instagram on April 14 to post some pictures of herself at a botanical garden in Paju, with the description “An outing.” Concerns about BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s latest Instagram post have been addressed by YG Entertainment.

Jennie Blackpink & YG Entertainments Response

Jennie Blackpink

The Post you see on the right has bee recently deleted and replaced with a different photo to help with minimizing the outrage of the photo. The photo was released by Naver.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently made headlines when she shared pictures of a group of more than five people gathered at the botanic gardens. Both the arboretum and YG Entertainment finally spoke out against the allegations that Jennie was breaking social distancing laws, arguing that she was there for a project. Personal gatherings of more than five people are officially prohibited under social distancing laws.

Newsen, a Korean news source, chastised YG Entertainment for their limited use of official statements. YG Entertainment initially declined to issue an official comment on Jennie, leaving it to the botanic gardens to speak up in her defense. Just a few days later, YG Entertainment issued a denial. Newsen criticizes YG Entertainment for failing to react quickly to the story, leaving Jennie Blackpink stranded for a few days while the botanic garden tried to defend her.

Jennie’s fans, on the other side, sent protest trucks to YG Entertainment in March 2021, pleading with the organization to shield Jennie, who had been the victim of harmful rumors even before her debut. According to Newsen, the organization needs to respond more quickly to issues rather than being selective in their public announcements.

“Jennie went to the arboretum to film content for a video,” an official from the agency said.

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