K-Pop Girl Group TWICE Prepares For September Comeback

On April 28, the K-Pop Girl Group TWICE held an online press conference for their YouTube original series “TWICE: Seize the Light.”

“TWICE is preparing for their album with goals for a comeback in late September,” a representative from JYP told YTN Star. “The exact timing of the comeback will be announced once it is decided.” The girl group most recently made their comeback with EP Fancy You on 22 April, and officially became the best-selling girl group in South Korea, beating out previous girl groups such as S.E.S and Girls’ Generation.

During this press conference, TWICE’s leader Jihyo officially confirmed the group’s comeback date by announcing, “We will be making a comeback with a new title track ‘More N More’ on June 1.” Member Chaeyoung also added, “This will be our first album in about 9 months. We have already finished recording the songs on the album and filming our MV. Now all that’s left to do is to go and see our ONCE.”  “From their debut to now, for four years, the sweat, tears, and hidden efforts that the members had to shed in order to grow, and the feelings that they felt during this process, will be revealed,” a JYP Entertainment spokesperson announced. “It will be a big present for the fans as it is a very different type of content from what TWICE usually releases.”

It’s hard to think of something more awesome than women supporting other women and despite the girl-group scene being more competitive than ever these days, Twice use their platforms to show support for the likes of Oh My Girl, and GFriend, to name a few. Are you a TWICE Super fan? We want to hear from you.

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