Kai From EXO is Preparing For Solo Debut

Kai From EXO is going solo. He will be the fifth member from the group to do so in recent years.

Kai is currently working on his solo debut album, according to an exclusive report from News1, and although the exact release date has not yet been decided, he is expected to make his solo debut sometime in 2020.


In response to the report, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Kai is preparing a solo album,” and added, “We will announce the schedule once it is finalized.” Expectations are strong for Kai’s solo debut as he has produced outstanding performances, from his dance to his vocals and rap, as both an EXO member and with SuperM. This move will be another addition to Kai’s deep talent pool, as he has already demonstrated his skills in both variety and acting.

Over the weekend Kai was also surprised when he showed up at his sisters cafe to grab a coffee. The singer said, “It was so quiet as I was leaving, so I was like ‘Oh wow, such mature fans!’ But then as soon as I opened the door, it was like a concert in there. Just like that, a concert hall!” I mean what would you do if your favorite K-pop star walked into a cafe you were enjoying your drink at?

It is a bid dramatic that one who is famous cannot even enjoy a simple thing like a coffee at a cafe, but that is a small price to pay for fame I guess. What are your thoughts? What would you do if you saw a K-pop celeb at a cafe? What are your thoughts on Kai’s solo career? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: News 1, NewsEn

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