Kayden Phoenix Created the 1st Latina Superhero Team in History and Will Be at WonderCon 2022 Exciting Fans 

Kayden Phoenix WonderCon 2022 Geek Impulse

Kayden Phoenix, a long-time full-pass WonderCon participant, is excited to be on the other side of the table with her publishing firm, Phoenix Studios, after being a long-time fan and attendee herself. She’ll be showing “A La Brava,” which she describes as “the first team of Latina superheroes in comic book history.”

Kayden Phoenix and “A La Brava”

Kayden Phoenix WonderCon 2022
© Kayden Phoenix

Kayden Phoenix wanted to make Latina superheroes who inspire and encourage people. “I want to instill a heroic mindset in all underprivileged people, especially Latinos.” Phoenix’s comics have been featured on national news networks such as Disney/ABC Eyewitness News 7, Spectrum News 1, and worldwide Spanish stations Univision and Telemundo, highlighting the importance of varied representation.

When you combine Phoenix’s vision with a young Latina artist team like Eva Cabrera (SANTA, LOQUITA), a GLAAD and Eisner-nominated illustrator, and newcomer Amanda Julina Gonzalez (JALISCO, RUCA), an uprooted New Mexican who recently graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design with a degree in Animation, you get history-making, energizing art for new fans.

Meet the Team – JALISCO is a folklorico dancer who wields a blade and uses her culture as a weapon. SANTA is a brawler who attacks ICE prison centers. In the magical world, LOQUITA is an adolescent detective. RUCA is a vigilante who fights for justice. In modern-day New York, BANDITA is a gunslinger.

With the world still in its infancy, four of the five original stories have already been published, with the fifth superhero on the way. Phases II and III of Phoenix Studios are already underway. This year, Phoenix will appear in three WonderCon panels: “Diversity in Comics, Films, and Games,” “Queer Creators of Comics Assemble!” and “Enter the Latina Superhero.”

Here is what other news agencies are saying about Kayden Phoenix:

 “Comic book superheroes give kids something to look up to and it helps if those heroes look something like the kids.” – ABC Eyewitness News 7 

 “Everyone needs a superhero, but if you’re a woman or a person of color, chances are you won’t find yourself reflected on the big screen, much less a comic book.” – Spectrum News 1 

 “But we’ve seen those stories. We’ve never seen the female story. We’ve never seen the Latina story. We haven’t seen our version of it.” – L.A. Times 

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