Kiko Mizuhara Was Sexually Harassed During SHISEIDO Photo Shoot

In 2013 Kiko Mizuhara participated in a photo shoot for the cosmetics conglomerate SHISEIDO. This is when Kiko Mizuhara Was Sexually Harassed at the photo-shoot.

Kiko Mizuhara Sexually Harassed Geek Impulse

The photos required Kiko to appear naked, something that is not unusual in the modeling industry. Unfortunately, what happened behind the scenes was a different story.

When the photo shoot was taking place, some 20 high-ranking executives from SHISEIDO came to see the photo shoot. Kiko said she didn’t want anyone to watch her, let alone 20 people, but her request was denied. She was advised that all the managers had to be present so that they could see if the pictures were up to par.

Kiko went on to announce that she had finished shooting a picture against her will, that this was her task, and that she could not resist the conditions. She was “surrounded by guys,” the executives, while the photo shoot was going on.

In 2018, Kiko opened the story, but at the time she received only a minor press, mostly from tabloids. When the story was shared with the infamous online group Girls Site, a place where Kiko is highly controversial, comments went back and forth from defending Kiko, to attacking both SHISEIDO and Kiko. Even with all this the majority of people were very much against the company and sided with her.

Recently, the story has garnered a lot of attention online thanks to Twitter user phie_hardison, sharing with her fans why she’s hesitant to buy SHISEIDO goods. Nearly 90k likes have been received since the tweet was made on March 19, 2020.

Sources: JCast

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