Kim Tae Ri on Her Attractive Career, Films and What She’s Been Up To Since We Saw Her in The Sci-Fi Film “Space Sweepers” 2092

Kim Tae Ri

For the cover of Dazed magazine, Kim Tae Ri appears powerful and elegant! During the photoshoot, the actress wore Tiffany & Co. jewelry and posed in a variety of sophisticated and glamorous outfits.

Kim Tae Ri gave an update on her current activities in the interview that followed the photo shoot. “I’ve been shooting videos, and some days, like today, I take part in pictorials and film commercials,” she said. I make it a point to eat healthy, and I also feed my cats whenever it’s time.”

Gallery of the Photo Shoot With Kim Tae Ri and the rest of the interview translated from Korean

Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri
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The interviewer stated that spring has arrived and inquired if Kim Tae Ri had recently gone somewhere special. “Fine dust is on the rise again,” the actress responded. I didn’t leave the house. Since I have a lot of free time these days, I keep thinking about it. ‘Oh, I don’t have anything scheduled for next week.’ ‘Then I’ll go on a holiday.’ “Maybe it’s because of inertia,” she said, laughing, “but whenever I try to go anywhere, I keep hesitating.” Furthermore, I have contracts here and there, so I must be cautious.”

She became even more famous in the west recently in part thanks to her starring in the Sci-Fi film Space Sweepers. Otaku everywhere were captivated by her beauty and talent. When speaking about the film she semed pleased.

“All of the characters are straightforward and clear-cut, and the storyline is lighthearted,” Kim said. “However, if you delve deeper into this simple tale, you will discover love. You might call it love for humanity as a whole. They are not well-rounded, compassionate individuals. These aren’t the kind of people you’d think of as heroes. They do, however, save the Earth without hesitation. Our film has a very human tone to it. It’s set in the year 2092, when people can fly across space, but it’s still quite realistic.”

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