Kingdom Hearts 3 Raffle in 7/11 Stores Coming Soon!

Convenience stores in Japan often have raffles for popular fandoms at the time, and with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 around the corner, 7/11 is getting hyped.

From December 1st 2018, you can buy a raffle chance for ¥680 (tax in).

The prizes vary from cute key chains and mini towels, to a Sora and Mickey statue, or a Mickey plush. They even have a 360° view of the top prize!

There’s a special version of the Mickey plush too, dressed as he is in the statue.

You can check out the website here for a full list of prizes. (JP only)

You can also check which stores will have the raffle here.

You can also RT and follow this Tweet for a chance to win one of the prizes outright! Contest runs until midnight JST, 9th December 2018.

There are only a certain amount of each prize at every store, so if you get there and find the one you want has already sold out, keep trying other stores!

How many tickets are you planning to purchase? Which prize do you want the most? Let us know!


All the prizes! Which is your favorite?








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