Kirby Makeup Raffle Coming to Lawson Convenience Stores In May

We have written about raffles at convenience stores before, like the 7-Eleven Kingdom Hearts 3 Raffle last December. This time though it’s about the Kirby Makeup Raffle and it isn’t the usual figures, cups, towels, and plushies. It’s actual makeup and cosmetics with Kirby patterns and color palettes, available from May 25th.

The cosmetics brand Coffret is collaborating with Nintendo to bring you these surprisingly stylish Kirby products. The Kirby Makeup Raffle costs 780 yen and you will definitely win something, but you can’t choose the makeup you get. As with other convenience store raffles, the prizes are sorted into categories, from A all the way down to F. There are several tiers with different color options, so you do have some choice.

Each of the pieces has a stylish pattern, and the makeup itself is actually pretty versatile. Hand creams, compacts, color palettes, and lip glosses are all useful for anyone’s bag, so these would even make great gifts for someone, even if you don’t get the one you want.

Kirby Makeup Raffle Geek Impulse

The color palette names are inspired by the games themselves, with “Pink Puffy Powerful” blusher and “Star Rod” glitter shadow.

Kirby Makeup Raffle Geek Impulse

Two lipsticks come in Kirby or Waddle Dee colors.

And a powder compact that is essentially a Kirby in your pocket features Kirby’s pink puff face.


The website Ichibankuji is also running a Twitter campaign for a free item. 3 winners will be selected from those that follow their account and retweet a post with the campaign hashtag, #コフレカービィ, or write your own tweet with the tag.

Are you going to get your hands on some of this exclusive kit? Let us know below! and share with us on social media.

Wish the author, Maisykuv, luck as she quests for her share of hand creams and Star Rod glitter.

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  1. Joyce Belfort

    😍 shut up and take my money!!!! Soooooooo cute~~~ ♡♡♡♡

    • Joshua Sexton

      Glad you enjoyed the info in the article. Let us know if you get the Kirby Makeup

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