Kiyono Yasuno Releases 3rd Single Brilliantly. Captivating Vocals For ARIA The CREPUSCOLO

Kiyono Yasuno

Kiyono Yasuno is also cast as a new character Aletta. Her long-awaited third single will consist of Felicità and Echoes, the opening and ending theme songs of ARIA The CREPUSCOLO.

“Felicita” short MV:

Kiyono will also be voicing Aletta, one of the new characters in the movie. This single will be released in two formats: The ARIA version, which will feature cover art drawn by ARIA character designer Yoko Ito, and the KIYONO version, which will feature a photo of Kiyono Yasuno. The third track for each version will be a newly recorded acoustic version of a previously released song.

Kiyono Yasuno

Her double A-side third single, including “Felicita” and the ED theme song “echoes” from the anime, will be released on March 3, 2021, in Japan. It is also confirmed that her fellow voice actress Nao Toyama, who has worked with her for the Macross Delta franchise as a part of the voice actress unit Walküre, joined “echoes” as a backing vocalist.

Kiyono Yasuno

The movie is created as part of the 15th-anniversary project for the anime adaptation series based on the fantasy manga series ARIA of Kozue Amano and is scheduled to be released on March 5, 2021, in Japan. Centered upon Amano’s newly-drawn manga episode. Instead of the late Tomoko Kawakami, who died in June 2011, this story focuses on the members of Orange Earth, including Athena Glory, newly voiced by Rina Sato (Mikoto Misaka in A Certain Mystical Index / A Certain Technical Railgun).

Kiyano Yasuno Version

ARIA Version: VTCL-35325, ¥1,400 + tax

  • Felicità (Lyrics: Yuki Matsuura / Composition/Arrangement: Mina Kubota)
  • Echoes (Lyrics: Naoki Nishi / Composition/Arrangement: Yusuke Shirato)
  • Ikiru -acoustic color- (Lyrics: Naoki Nishi / Composition: Tomoya Kawasaki / Arrangement: Masato Ishinari) 
  • Felicità instrumental
  • Echoes instrumental

Kiyono Version: VTCL-35326, ¥1,400 + tax

  • Tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5 will be the same as the ARIA version.
  • Track 3 will be an acoustic color version of Natsuiro Hanabi (Lyrics/Composition: Naoki Yanagisawa / Arrangement: Masato Ishinari)
  • Acoustic color band members: Masato Ishinari (G), Keiji Matsumoto (P), Masao Fukunaga (Per), Ayano Kasahara (Vc)

Additionally, Kiyono Yasuno will be performing on Day 1 of ANIMAX MUSIX 2021 ONLINE supported by U-NEXT, which will be held from January 30, 2021. Tickets for this online crowdless concert are on sale now.

Source: qdopp Press Release Email

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