Kyoto Animation Releases First New Trailer Since Arson Attack

We are not going to go so far as to say that Kyoto Animation has in any way recovered. What we want to say is that the arson attack that destroyed not just a building but peoples lives, they have stood strong and released a trailer for its latest anime. The Fushimi Studio and all those there on that faithful day will forever have scars that unfortunately time may never be able to heal. We want to thank them for their courage to bring the world more beautiful works that show the true nature of resolve and love those there had for the industry and its fans.

As Kyoto Animation still mourns those they have tragically lost, in a few weeks the studio will be releasing “Violet Evergarden-Eternity and Auto Memory Dolls,” and it will be a side story theatrical feature to the beloved “Violet Evergarden TV series,” which aired in 2018. The studio will also be suspending its annual contest called Kyoto Animation Awards. It is a novel-writing contest despite the naming. Writers from all over both amateur and professional are allowed to submit.

The selected winners are published under Kyoto Animation’s KA Esuma Bunko book label. The grand prize earnings are around ¥1 million yen or $9,300USD. The coolest part fo the contest was the winner’s ability to have their adaptation expedited into production. So previous winners are Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Tsurune, and High Speed!, which became swimming anime Free!

On the website it states:

Following the arson attack on Kyoto Animation that occurred on July 18, we have received words of encouragement from many people and would like to express our deep appreciation.

We have been receiving submissions from many entrants every day, and our judges were excited about the prospect of finding a novel that can be part of a new age of creative output.

However, our entire staff is currently engaged in recovery efforts following the arson attack, and so we have decided to suspend the 11th Kyoto Animation Awards.

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