Miyagi Prefecture Chooses Lapras as Their Official Pokémon

It would seem that there is an ever growing trend with prefectures of Japan adopting Pokémon. Iwate Prefecture adopted Geodude as its official pokémon. Today though we are talking about Miyagi Prefecture. They have officially adopted Lapras as their official prefecture mascot. You can see the Geodude music video below.

Miyagi, in an attempt to entertain current and future visitors, has created a campaign that will see Lapras helping tourists take in the sights. The campaign will officially kick off in October. The internet, rightfully so, has already gone crazy with cuteness as the official twitter has been showing off the Pokémon in all its glory. While it doesn’t have legs to get around as other mascots can, we here at Geek Impulse are excited about this venture.

The Lapras-Style paddle boats are designed to allow visitors to get more intimate with the prefectures lakes and islands. They will be available for rent at Michinoku Park and the National Hanayama Youth Center. It is said that hotels in the area that have pools will feature floats of the sea creature as well. Check out our source here for more.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica:

Miyagi, ken (prefecture), northern Honshu, Japan, its indented coastline forming Sendai Bay of the Pacific Ocean. The western and, to a lesser extent, northeastern regions are mountainous. The central Sendai Plain, which extends southward to the southern coastline, contains the prefectural capital, Sendai. To the north of the city is scenic Matsushima Bay, long celebrated for its more than 200 islands covered with pines. Agricultural products of the area include rice, vegetables, and cattle. The fishing sector yields herring, sardines, and other species. Industries produce lumber, foodstuffs, pulp, electrical machinery, and transport equipment.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

If you want to find out what more things you can do in Miyagi be sure to check out this article.

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