Lee Yeon Hee Announces Marriage

Lee Yeon Hee is going to get married and we couldn’t be happier!

On May 15, the actress went to her official fan café to reveal that she would be married to her future non-famous Hubby. The Message said:

Hello, this is Lee Yeon Hee.

My heart is very heavy thinking about all of the people who are experiencing hard times these days. Although I am wondering how I should share this with everyone in such a situation, I am writing this post because I wanted to share the news with people who support me.

I have met someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and I will be getting married. On June 2, we will be holding a small ceremony with just our parents and close friends. As these are cautious times, we will be holding a simple ceremony to start our new beginning together.

Although I have not been able to express this very well, I always feel nothing but gratitude to all of you who have given me your unwavering support since my debut. I will repay you by living as a good actress and a happy person.

I will continue to greet you with good projects even after my marriage. Always stay healthy and healthy.

Thank you.

Translation By J. Lim

SM Entertainment has issued a statement regarding the forthcoming nuptials as well, their statement reads:

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We have news regarding our agency actress, Lee Yeon Hee. She has met someone special and will be tying the knot.

Her future husband is a non-celebrity who is older than her, and their wedding will be a small affair with family and close friends that takes place on June 2. To respect her non-celebrity fiancé and both of their families, specific locations and times of the wedding, as well as other related details, will not be disclosed to the public, and we ask for your understanding.

Yeon Hee will continue to work hard as an actress in the future. We ask for your celebration as Yeon Hee prepares for a new beginning in life.

Thank You.

Translation By J. Lim

Sources: NAVER, SM

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