Lee Young Ji Surprised Many Netizens with Excitement Because of her Transformation

Lee Young Ji

Lee Young Ji was notorious for ordering meals to be delivered to her home, spending 4 million KRW (about $4K USD) of her 9.7 million KRW award funds on uber eats. She announced she was beginning a diet a year ago in January 2021, claiming she wanted to become healthy and modify her public image as she grew up.

She began by removing delivered meals from the equation. She also began practicing Pilates and supplementing her diet with dietary supplements. In the first two months, she was able to lose ten kilograms. She did not deter there, though. With a few indulgence days sprinkled throughout the year, she was successful in maintaining her healthy lifestyle and figure.

Lee Young Ji and the Celebs in her DM’s

Lee Young Ji
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On Lee Young Ji social media account, the High School 3 champion posted a series of screenshots that revealed the peculiar substance of the private messages she’d received. Lee Young Ji got a weird query about the rapper’s belly button piercing and a mask. Someone pretended to be Son Heung Min, a well-known South Korean soccer player, and bounced into her DMs with an intriguing request. She even received an odd direct message from someone purporting to be Eminem.

The 19-year-old actress’s diet improved her health and helped her overcome acid reflux. She had dropped 10% of her body fat and received a lot of praise for her great fitness quest. Additionally, producer Code Kunst left a humorous comment on her Instagram account in response to her sensual images. For the shoot, the rapper wore underwear and sportswear, revealing her toned figure to the world.

She proudly claimed in the comment that the photos were created by “smashing roughly eight different weight measurements from various countries.” She also asked her followers to forgive her for making such an awkward post. Lee went on to say that when her sodium and blood sugar levels dropped, her personality developed a “poor rep,” but she persevered despite the difficulties.

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