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We at Geek Impulse are sad to report the death of Isao Takahata. Mr. Takahata was a legendary Animator, Screen writer, Director and one of the co-founders of iconic Studio Ghibli. He passed away at a hospital in Tokyo on April 05. Our sources in Tokyo explained that the director’s health started to decline as early as last summer. Takahata-san was frequently hospitalized this year suffering from heart conditions. Mr. Takahata was 82 years old.




Isao Takahata was born on October 29, 1935. Takahata-san joined Toei Douga (now Toei Animation) in 1959 upon graduating from the University of Tokyo. There is where he met his fellow animator, director, and long-time collaborator, Hayao Miyazaki. Together with Toshio Suzuki, Miyazaki and Takahata founded Studio Ghibli. The founding year was 1985. 


Ōkami Shōnen Ken - Geek Impulse

Directorial Debut – Ōkami Shōnen Ken


According to Anime News Network here is a record of achievements awards:

Among the honors he received were the Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese government in 1998, the Honorific Leopard award at the 62nd Locarno International Film Festival in 2009, the Anime Award of Merit in 2010, an honorary degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012, the Anime d’or prize at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival in 2014, the Honorary Award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2014, the Officier decoration in France’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters) in 2015, and the Winsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement at the 43rd Annie Awards in 2016.


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Here are what fans are saying:








Isao Takahata May You Rest in Peace. You have honored us with such incredible creative adventures. Our prayers and warmest condolences go out to the family he left behind. 



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